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April 24, 2023

Regret-Proof Your Business with Diana Murphy Coaching

Scale or Not? Deep insights with Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens, as a financial professional, loves helping companies to scale.  But is scaling for you?  Listen as Diana Murphy and Robert Stephens discuss the story of his own business build and his discernment on knowing whether scaling was for him and his practice and lifestyle. We are not ALL meant to scale.  Listen for your own insights as Robert shares his story AND his expertise in scaling.

"Early on, I realized that Accounting is the language of business. And I knew, even as a college student, that if I understood accounting, I could understand any business. And that was really what has allowed me to grow my business." 

December 16, 2022

Family Business Radio with Anthony Chen

Sharing Year-End Advice for Business Owners

Robert Stephens joined Anthony Chen and guest, Jane Gentry, on Family Business Radio to discuss common mistakes and challenges faced by business leaders, and share advice on how to avoid those pitfalls. As CFO Navigator, Robert shares his perspective on how to anticipate what's ahead for your business, prepare for the New Year, and position your business for growth.

"If your business is growing, growth eats cash like a goat eats grass. You better be able to feed the goat if you are growing, so cash is always king." 

September 23, 2022

Profit Sense with Bill McDermott

Discussing Current Issues Faced By Business Owners

In this episode of Profit Sense with Bill McDermott, Robert Stephens joined Donna Beatty, Tax Partner with Frazier & Deeter, to discuss common financial challenges faced by business owners. Robert shared how he supports small businesses and non-profit organizations, and gave his perspective on where business owners should focus efforts in the current economy.

"The real value of a CFO is helping companies understand their numbers; not just report what they were, and use them to help navigate the business. Looking at trends, patterns, and anomalies within the numbers can help the business anticipate 'where are we going', 'what is out there', as they are driving the business 100 mph down the road." 

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Current Accounts, The Georgia Society of CPAs | By Robert Stephens

NOV/DEC 2022

Current Accounts, The Georgia Society of CPAs | By Robert Stephens