The Accountant’s Leadership Development Organization

Transforming Bean Counters into Business Navigators

WHAT? ALDO is a developmental peer group for high potential Accountants seeking to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

WHY? Accountants by nature are detailed, analytical, technical experts that are well educated and trained in debits and credits, but not so much in the soft skills of real world leadership and interpersonal communication.

HOW? ALDO convenes monthly in half-day learning and problem solving meetings facilitated by an experienced CFO coach. Meetings provide a trusted, confidential environment for members to learn, solve real world problems and seek various perspectives into their own leadership development and interpersonal communication skills through training, coaching, presenting, and peer advice.

WHO? ALDO is for Accountants who, with a little help, have great potential to become leaders within the business. Successful members would consider themselves life long learners open to personal growth, development and change.

ALDO was conceived as a meaningful vehicle for unlocking the leadership potential within Accountants. This program provides personal and professional development, training and experiences that enhance each individual’s leadership and interpersonal communication skills – – raw skills that are all but ignored in traditional accounting education and training.

ALDO provides the missing professional development opportunity many high potential Accountants have been seeking their entire career. Deep inside, they know they are more than just bean counters. They recognize the tremendous value of what they see in the numbers, but struggle to articulate what it means and why it’s important to the business.

Leadership Development Beyond the Numbers

ALDO stimulates and encourages members to go beyond the numbers to help their businesses navigate the future. Counting and reporting the numbers are important, but they only provide a rear view of what’s already happened. Utilizing their comprehensive understanding of the numbers to articulate the potential impact on the future of the business is where an Accountant provides real value and exemplifies true leadership.

Benefits of Membership

Develop Soft Skills

Leadership Training

Communication Training

Experienced CFO Coach

Professional Growth

Personal Growth

Community of Peers

Peer Support and Advice

New Ideas and Perspectives

Polish “ Executive Presence”

Practice Presentations

Topical Speakers

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The Business Navigator Framework


Accountant’s Leadership Reading List

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